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What we do

SDK specializes in infusing community, staff and frontline experiences into complex policy and management challenges to uncover insights and strategies that create a more connected, equitable future.  

Our Approach

SDK marries community-driven engagement methods and tried-and-true market research and management principles to help clients advance their goals. Some projects are small training efforts, others are multi-year research projects or change initiatives. Each project is customized to clients’ needs and the issue at hand, but our approach is built on consistent principles.  

  • We respect the knowledge that’s come before us, from academic literature to past projects.

  • We listen first and deeply. Whether it’s interviews, assembling stakeholder groups or intentional community engagement, we dedicate effort to crafting questions that get to the heart of client priorities and we truly listen.  


  • We engage and learn together. SDK takes a collaborative approach to transforming inputs into insights, and we report back to those engaged as a measure of accountability.  


  • We set a path forward, and support clients along the way. SDK translates insights into practical, actionable plans, and we support clients in seeing them through. 


We bring fresh insight, compassion and equity to shaping the future in:  


We bring humanity and creativity to transportation design, planning and policy.

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We help people understand technology changes, and help clients understand how digital inequity impacts programs and policy.  

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We keep people and equity at the heart of health and social determinants policy and projects.

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We help diverse groups understand each other and their impact on the our natural resources.

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We weave diverse voices of communities and stakeholders to unearth game-changing insights and novel approaches.  Our insights and recommendations help clients understand projects and thorny issues in new ways that lead to lasting solutions. Example services include:

  • In-depth interviews 

  • Ethnography 

  • Focus groups 

  • Listening sessions 

  • Engagement processes 

  • Survey design, collection and analysis 

  • Opinion research 

  • Demographic mapping and data analysis 

  • Structure / Culture Audits (organizational assessment) 

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Engagement-Driven Planning

We use human centered design practices and facilitate inclusive processes that put government, cross-sector leaders and community together as partners. The result? Plans with a shared vision and clear direction needed for innovative new approaches to serving people that are put into action. Example services include: 

  • Strategic planning 

  • Change management planning 

  • Task Force design and facilitation 

  • Human-Centered design

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 3.19.41 PM.png

Change-Minded Management

We partner with clients to help ensure new projects, policies and ways of working are understood and adopted. Our deliverables are deceptively simple and strategically designed:

  • Equitable engagement approaches 

  • Clear and compelling communications 

  • Eye-catching visuals 

  • Inspiring events  

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