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About Us

SDK specializes in bridging big-picture projects, policies and systems with people-centered insights to help clients create a connected, equitable future.

Our History

Our history: SDK was founded in 2012 to help clients manage coalitions and complex change projects for those who wanted to integrate community engagement and related practices into new ways of working. We helped healthcare providers and insurers develop new models for integrating strategies to tackle social determinants into healthcare. We helped public sector agencies consider merged and blended service models. And we helped build bridges between environmental advocates and rural cities around land use and water quality, to name a few.  
What began as a sole proprietorship of Stephanie Devitt in 2012 was reimagined to a practice serving the public sector and large cross-sector clients, among others, in 2019.   

Since then, SDK has grown to a management consultancy that infuses Stephanie’s well-honed coalition and change management methods with engagement-driven insights, thoughtful data analysis, and crisp, compelling communication.  


Create more connected, equitable and trusting communities through people-centered insights, true engagement and clear communication.  


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Clarity is Kindness

We speak with honesty and sincerity, and we expect the same from our clients, partners and those we help serve.  

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Always Learning

Our experience across topics means we bring novel insight to each client assignment. Our smart questions ensure we learn each step along the way.

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Simplicity With

Our work makes complex policy accessible. We respect community knowledge and policy details equally without condescending or compromising quality.  

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Lift Others

Creating inclusive and welcoming teams and community engagement efforts means highlighting the positive contributions around us in our team and the communities we help serve. 

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Shine Bright

We love to make our partnerships and collaborations shine, and to make sure everyone wins.

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Pace Setters

At SDK, we work hard, and we play hard.

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