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We help clients engage across agencies and the public to understand a variety of needs and perspectives.

We facilitate leadership teams, coalitions and task forces to set shared strategies for communications and engagement. 

We offer training and workshops to help clients build effective relationships with broad and diverse communities; and communicate effectively in the splintered media environment.


Founded in 2012, SDK is a strategy and public affairs consulting firm committed to helping clients clearly define issues, strategically engage communities, and help restore trust in the public sector. Our strategic approach supports local and state government as they look to bring transparency and trust, and underrepresented and diverse voices, into shaping future policies, projects and systems.

Our unique "Cycles of Impact" process marries creative, clear strategic communication with engagement strategies grounded in relationships and understanding. We elevate communications and engagement as information that can inform decisions and shape policies, projects and initiatives. Our time-tested listening and analysis system translates broad-based public feedback into actionable insights. The result: our clients implement policies and projects with methods and messages that the public and key stakeholders understand, respect and trust.

SDK believes deeply in the power of effective engagement and communication to earn and sustain that public trust. Done well, these core competencies can be a catalyst for rethinking public sector programs, projects, and systems to meet our community’s needs today and into the future. 


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