Processes that unearth shared goals, and methods that dig deep to understand stakeholders, external landscapes, and ecosystems. Unparalleled research drives to the heart of pressing problems. More...

Training and coaching on leading the people side of change. Common topics include stakeholder analysis and managing change. More...

Coalition and collaborative management to keep partners engaged and manage tactical execution. More...



Stephanie Devitt

Since 2012, SDK Communications has blended big picture strategy with savvy implementation to help clients succeed on the people side of change.  Led by Principal Stephanie Devitt, work spans from public affairs to corporate social responsibility, and from coalition management to change strategy.


Over the years, Stephanie's nonprofit and public sector projects have impacted topics and systems as varied as: protecting voting rights in Indian Country; halting “foreclosure prevention” scams; facilitating change in the public sector; connecting healthcare and community for better health; and more.


Before SDK Communications and a decade of consulting, Stephanie traveled rural South Dakota on behalf of U.S. Sen. Tom Daschle, connecting communities and federal resources to solve tough problems. 

Katie Basil

Katie Basil joined the SDK Team as a Communications Associate in January of 2020. Her responsibilities include: analyzing research, assisting with strategy, and stakeholder engagement planning. 

Prior to her work with SDK Communications, Katie worked in Sports/Entertainment in the Marketing and Promotions Space. Originally from Minneapolis, Katie is an avid Minnesota sports fan even if it comes with a history of disappointment.





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